Why it's ok to sell your property during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tuesday 28 Apr 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has everybody spooked! And rightfully so.

People just don’t like uncertainty. But sometimes during unsettled times opportunity is just around the corner. It's just a bit harder to see.

In this video I take you through some of the main reasons why it's ok to go ahead with the sale of your property. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.

1. Less competition.

With some vendors putting their plans on hold your property will receive more attention in the market place and attract more offers.

2. Less looking, more buying.

Covid-19 has separated the lookers from the serious buyers. Buyers who have cash available, finance arranged and are ready to act is most likely your main audience which is good news for sellers.

3. Same process, different tools.

Private treaty, auctions and expression of interest sales are still going ahead. All that has changed is the way agencies interact with buyers and sellers. Online auctions, 3D tours and virtual inspections are popping up all over the place. A truly new era for real estate.

4. Changing hands in the same market.

Remember, vendors mostly sell and buy in the same market so even if there is a slight downturn at the time of selling this should even out when purchasing your next property. Even better, if you sell at the peak of the downturn and buy when it levels out you just might pick up a bargain. 

5. Get low!

Interest rates are super low. There will be buyers out there who would want to lock in the low rates and they will all be looking at your property. 

Sales volume has undoubtedly dropped, however this is still plenty of action in the market. It's down.........but definitely not dead.

Stay happy and stay safe.

Always putting you first.

Team First National Broadbeach

written by Izak van Niekerk - Sales Agent